Monday, October 1, 2012

It's October!

Yay! It's October 1st! While September was lovely, I was just waiting for October. I love pretty much everything about the fall - pretty scenery, football, pumpkin spice lattes, apple season, pumpkins, BOOTS.. the list can go on and on but I'll hold back a little and calm down. I love decorating and hosting events and I think that between now and New Years, that passion grows and I am constantly thinking of creative ideas to make every weekend better than the last.

Yesterday we hosted the first official Snack Pack of the season with our friends. What's Snack Pack you ask?! It is a large group of our friends who get together every Sunday, each bringing a dish and cheering on the Seahawks. Since everyone brings a dish or two, it becomes this huge potluck with delicious snacks (how the Snack Pack name was born). We host this throughout the season, and end on a big Superbowl party. It's always delicious, and the perfect excuse to get everyone together. Yesterday we had 20 people over, which was great! I started to think about last year when we were in a one bedroom apartment hosting the same amount of people...crazy I know.
This picture doesn't do justice, I used the most gorgeous, sparkly blue & green paper for this :)
The decorated table!
Katie made these awesome team flags
The party table before the Snack Pack arrived
After the game we had a BBQ in our backyard with everyone. I had made this special tutu for the Seahawks season...if you didn't already know, I love all things girly with a touch of sparkle. And of course, Eric made his way into the picture. Silly, silly boy.

Well, I promise to be better at updating this month with our weekend adventures and tasty recipes. Stay tuned.. xo

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